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10Web Review & Tutorial – AppSumo Limited Time Offer 2019

Do you manage multiple WordPress sites? Thinking of growing your number of sites? Or at least getting your sh*t together in handling them? Well, 10Web is a WordPress website management tool that might be your solution.

AppSumo is currently running a lifetime offer for 10Web and people have been talking about it. (After all, when it is gone, we’d never when it’s going to come back or if it will). 

The deal has caused some confusion. It is part WordPress management and part WordPress hosting. But who is it right for, really? This 10Web review spills a lot of beans. 

Basically, 10Web:

  • Integrates with a WordPress site to be able to manage it. So it’s like having a personal assistant who gets to know and takes care of your employee.
  • Connects to a desired number of sites, which means you can include a batch of your sites as needed.
  • Controls some or all of your sites from 10Web so that you won’t need to do regular tasks by going over the individual sites.

AppSumo’s Lifetime Deal for 10Web

Consider 10Web as a website management tool with hosting as an optional feature. This is at least what AppSumo’s 10Web LTD is going for. As you can see in its packages, it offers hosting for only one to five sites. 

AppSumo 10Web Plans and Features


   Lifetime Deals

The features you will be getting for life will be 10Web’s site management and coordination platform. They include:

  • 10Web’s web management tools.
  • The ability to integrate a number of websites, to be managed by 10Web.
  • Image optimization with hundred thousands of images allowed per month.
  • Premium widgets, templates, and plugins.
  •  SSD storage, starting at 5 gigabytes. (If you want to add more for your package, that would be $0.40/GB/month.)
  • Backup storage, starting at 20 gigabytes. (For more – $0.10/GB/month.)

   Hosting Freebies in the First Year

For the 10Web-hosted site/s, you’ll get access to the following in the first year:

  • Managed WordPress hosting, starting at one site.
  • Monthly visitors’ limit, starting at 25,000.

Again, note that these only apply to the website/s that 10Web is going to host and according to their corresponding plans.

   After One Year Expires

This is when you’ll have to pay for 10Web’s hosting. The annual renewal fee for managed WordPress hosting starts at $69. If you pay for this, you’ll continue to get:

  • The 10Web hosting for your selected website/s.
  • Monthly visitors’ limit as allowed for the hosted site.

   The Differences Between the Plans

It’s obvious that stacking is available with this 10Web lifetime offer.  As you can see in the plans’ screenshot, the features add up as you stack more codes. Here are some to note:

  • $69 plan – 30 connected sites allowed, 1 year free WordPress hosting for 1 site only, 25,000 monthly visitors’ limit, 5 gb ssd storage, 20 gb backup storage, and more.
  • $138 plan – 60 connected sites allowed, 1 year free WordPress hosting for 3 sites, 100,000 monthly visitors’ limit, 15 gb ssd storage, 30 gb backup storage, and more.
  • $207 plan – 90 connected sites allowed, 1 year free WordPress hosting for 5 sites, 200,000 monthly visitors’ limit, 25 gb ssd storage, 40 gb backup storage, and more.

To sum up, it’s the hosting side that’s not entirely free. Still, you’re definitely allowed to get hosting services from other companies.

Connect All Your Websites to 10Web

10Web is supposed to be the website manager that has your back, right? Then its ability to manage all your sites seems only natural. 

You can integrate a number of websites in 10Web, depending on your purchased plan. You have two options. You can:

  • Create a new site from existing 10Web templates.
  • Connect a readily-built website you own.

   The Differences

If you create a new website, then you’ll be able to find 10Web’s default settings for it. 

Meanwhile, for an old website, then you’d likely find the same settings in your WordPress dashboard as before, only that they’re added with plugins and others that enable 10Web compatibility.

Control 10Web with Its Dashboard

Driving a car requires knowing its dashboard and same goes with 10Web. The site has both the general 10Web dashboard and, upon accessing each connected site, the WordPress dashboard.

With the 10Web Dashboard, you can implement settings that affect all your integrated sites. It looks like this:

Add Sites To the 10 web dashboard


You’ll see an overview of the sites you’ve connected so far. 

I’d suggest that more information should be here instead of just the sites’ thumbnails. Brief summaries of the sites’ status (for example, security and SEO) will be handy, instead of just having to go through each site.

If you view the other sections in this dashboard, you will also find other settings.

 Moving on, if you click one of the websites in the general dashboard, it will take you to that particular site’s dedicated 10Web Dashboard.  

10Web Overview of Add-ons

You’ll find the sections for the: 

  • Overview page (shown above) – 10Web add-on functionalities you can apply to a website. 
  • Hosting Services – hosting settings of the site, whether from 10Web or from another company.
  • Themes and Sites – ready-to-use themes, but optional for you to use.
  • Backups – saves copies of your website periodically, in case your website gets damaged for some reason.
  • Image Optimizer – optimizes images for ideal SEO results.
  • Security – generates security reports for the website.
  • Performance – evaluates the site’s overall performance.

Maintain Your Site as Usual with the WordPress Dashboard

Just because you’ve installed 10Web doesn’t mean your website routine won’t be familiar anymore. You still get to keep your WordPress Dashboard for each website.

That also means you can access the WordPress sites from 10Web.

In the 10Web dashboard, find the button that leads you to the WordPress dashboard:

10Web WordPress button

After clicking that, you’d be taken to the WordPress platform with all its typical features: 

There will be a few changes here with 10Web around. Notable ones added are:

  • Themes – includes the 10Web website builder theme and other themes. Meanwhile, for a readily-built site, its active theme will remain. 
  • Plugins – includes the basic plugins for the 10Web integration, as well as optional ones. 
  • 10Web Manager – the plugin responsible for syncing 10Web and your target site’s functionalities.
  • 10Web Cache – runs as a cache in the background, similar to WP Rocket.

Make Use of 10Web’s Plugins

No surplus seems to be going on when it comes to 10Web’s plugins. Its plugins are meant to support the compatibility of the target site and the themes.

That means you won’t have to deal with extra site consumption when it comes to the plugins. Only a few are required for 10Web to run well.

You can view the list of plugins either in a WordPress dashboard or in the 10Web dashboard. In the 10Web dashboard, there are settings you can put that will be applicable to all your sites.

10Web WordPress plugins

10Web Dashboard WordPress plugins

Here are the added plugins so far:

  • 10Web Builder – is actually just an Elementor platform, with an add-on pack by 10Web. This is not bad because Elementor is one of the most trusted website editors. Still, for longtime Elementor users, don’t expect any dramatic change when using it in 10 Web.
  • Elementor – works with the 10Web builder to give access to Elementor’s basic (or free) version. This means there are no Elementor Pro add-on features, except those by 10Web. That doesn’t stop you from acquiring add-ons in the future. 
  • Form Maker Export/Import – imports or exports form submissions. This lets 10Web move your site’s forms from their previous location to the one as needed by 10Web.
  • Form Maker Pro – has the add-on functionalities from Form Maker, including form templates.
  • PG Export/Import – lets 10Web move your site’s photo galleries from their previous location. 
  • Photo Gallery – works along with PG Export/Import as it transports related data (such as comments) of a site’s photo galleries from their previous location. 
  • Slider by 10Web – provides SEO-friendly sliders for photos and videos. 

Lastly, do note that a few more plugins will appear as you set up your SEO, security, and other aspects of the website.

Choose from 10Web’s Starter Themes

You might agree that it is better to not start from scratch when it comes to building your site. Convenience is what 10Web is for in the first place. 

You can find 10Web’s complete set of themes in its general dashboard. There are more than 20 themes or website templates you can choose from, designed for different website purposes. Meanwhile, a default WordPress dashboard only stores a few themes.

10Web Dashboard - Themes

10Web WP Dashboard - Themes

You’ll also be able to preview a theme’s look in mobile devices.

10Web Themes mobile version

In most cases, you’d need to import a theme from the 10Web Dashboard to a selected site. The theme will then appear in the site’s WordPress dashboard (Themes section). Additional WordPress plugins might also automatically activate for that theme.

   Edit with Elementor

As you open the chosen theme from the WordPress dashboard, look for the command that says “Edit with 10Web Builder”. (I wonder why they didn’t just call it Edit with Elementor. Referring to it as 10Web Builder sounds misleading. Although I know it’s up to the site’s creators.)  That takes you to the Elementor editor. 

 Edit with 10Web Builder

10Web Elementor editor

As mentioned, expect to see basic Elementor functionalities plus 10Web Add-ons. For those who are not familiar with Elementor, in many cases, its basic features are enough to support a website’s design needs. It is up to the users if they’d like to buy Add-Ons later to extend Elementor’s features. 

I’d say the ones I found in 10Web’s Elementor’s interface replicates almost all the functionalities that my agency uses. However, I don’t need to switch everything over to 10Web for now because everything’s set up in my side. But if you’re starting out with your sites, or if you’re not satisfied with your website management system, then consider getting 10Web, one reason being that it has a reliable Elementor integration.

Track Your Website’s Performance

You don’t just build websites, you also need to know how they’re doing so far.

For that, 10Web provides a Performance Check tool to test a website’s efficiency. Metrics you can find include the supposed overall performance grade of that site (measured in %), page load time, and page size. 

10Web Performance check

Meanwhile, I quickly performed a test on the free version of Pingdom, a similar service.

10Web vs Pingdom

10Web vs Pingdom

From what I found (as shown in the video), 10Web and Pingdom’s test results paralleled but were not exactly similar. I believe this has got to do with the differences of server locations (that is, my server vs. server locations of either 10 Web or Pingdom).

10Web’s tool also presents grades and recommendations about the different aspects of the site. Overall, after the image optimization and other tweaks I did to improve the website performance, and considering the test site’s heavy graphics, I’m quite satisfied with the performance results.

Optimize an Entire Site’s Images

Image optimization is an important housekeeping task of SEO. It helps reduce readers’ bounce rates, improves a site’s loading time, and therefore affects how a search engine will rank a site. 

That is what 10Web’s Image Optimization is for. It lets you optimize all your site’s images simultaneously in just a click. 

Once you do, you’ll spot the total amount of reduction of the images’ size in terms of percentage.  

10Web Image Optimizer

Meanwhile, just to share, I compared the image optimization results of 10Web with ShortPixel. From what I saw, which was not in the video, ShortPixel brought better results. It was able to do more compression and with a comparable quality. If you have ShortPixel, then it’d still come as useful even during this time.

Boost Your Sites’ SEO

Speaking of SEO, it is one of the major considerations when it comes to website building. 10Web reinforces a site’s SEO-friendliness with the help of its SEO tool.

You can find the SEO add-on in the 10Web dashboard.

10Web Dashboard SEO

 After turning it on, a plugin called SEO by 10Web will automatically activate inside a site’s WordPress dashboard.

One of the things it requires is for you to sign up with Moz, a well-established SEO company. It also asks you to get the Google Authorization code and fix site problems as needed.

10Web WordPress SEO

Other elements included in the SEO plugin are:

  • Redirects
  • Meta information
  • Sitemap
  • Settings (general SEO settings for that site)

It is also possible to tweak a specific post or page’s SEO settings.

10Web WordPress SEO Per Post

Create Website Backups for Safekeeping

Another feature that makes 10Web an all-in web management platform is its Backups tool. Here, you are able to automate regular site backups.

As web developers know, it is important to create website backups (or save copies of a site) in case disaster happens.

You can select your preferred scheduling and other settings for your connected sites.
10Web Backup

Know Your State of Security

The security feature is a bit wanting from what I can see. In this page, you’ll find some indicators like “missing”

And when I click a bit more, I can find fields like file path and file size, but not much explanation on those.

10Web Security

10Web Security file path

There are dedicated tabs for Issues, Ignored Issues, and Vulnerabilities

In the Settings tab, you can choose to turn on some settings as shown below. The commands there essentially just check and compare your site data through time. It will notify you when there are vulnerabilities (such as if the site has been infected). However, it doesn’t go beyond that, where you’ll get a clear explanation of what it is doing about the security issue.

10Web Security scheduling

There is also a scheduling tab available, as shown below:

10Web Security settings tab

All in all, Security features are lacking here so I’d recommend pairing 10Web with another firewall or security tool.

Utilize Google Cloud Hosting

From the performance testing we’ve done, we can see that the site went pretty fast. This was considering that the 10Web deal was just launched in AppSumo that time and service requests could be busy.

Still, I’ve read a lot of uncertainty about 10Web’s quality of hosting.

So I reached out to the 10Web’s founder, Arto, who had answers to give.

He described the site to have “very high quality servers on Google cloud”. He also mentioned that the company treats all of their users the same, whether they’re lifetime deal or regularly paying customers. All users get LXC or LXD containers and staging environments. He said for each site, there are three PHP workers and four gigabytes available.

From his description, these are robust specs, where you can run almost all WordPress sites, except the largest ones.

The bottomline is 10Web’s hosting is promising with Google Cloud powering it.

10Web Final Thoughts & Rating

I asked at the end of my review video, “is this the Wix-ification of WordPress?” And the answer to that is not necessarily. WordPress can be challenging to some users but it doesn’t need to be made “simpler” or “dumbed down”.

Notwithstanding, 10Web happens to be an efficient tool that lets users operate WordPress more easily, and we need more of those.

I like how 10Web is getting to be an all-in-one tool where I can monitor, optimize, backup, and design my site, among others. Something like OP Drafts would be a little bit clunkier to me as compared to 10Web. 

Another plus is how 10Web doesn’t add a ton of bloat when it comes to its installed plugins.

Meanwhile, some of 10Web’s tools could do better.  ShortPixel users can continue using it instead of 10Web’s Image Optimization tool, for example. You also need to acquire a more solid security tool.

I also would like some improvements when it comes to 10Web’s dashboard showing the site’s thumbnails. An overview of the sites’ conditions would be convenient.

Rating: A very handsome 9.4.

10Web, overall, is a great starting place to manage websites. This especially applies when you’re just starting or if you’ve been wanting to migrate your website management system to a better place


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A competent all-in-one tool for WordPress sites’ management.
No excess plugins included.


Security tool needs development. It’s recommended to have some firewall to back you up.
Its Image Optimization tool is okay, but could be replaced with something better if you want.
Its general dashboard could include a summary of the websites’ status.


Yes. $138 for double codes & $207 for multiple codes.

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