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This video covers the new membership site for digital marketers offered by Issac Rudansky’s AdVenture Media. I dive deep into the membership and show you all of the content that is included with the membership.

-How to create a bonus model so you clients are happy to pay you more for your services.
-How to test the viability of a free trial.
-How I land new clients with a heuristics analysis of their website.

Finally, I’ll give you my options on who Agency Overdrive is a perfect fit for and who can safely pass on the deal without FOMO.

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Agency Overdrive Review – Limited Time Offer 2019

Want to know a membership site that helped me big when it comes to growing my digital marketing company? Check out Agency Overdrive by Issac Rudansky.

It promises to help you create proposals that get accepted and billing strategies that make more money (but also make perfect sense for your clients). It also shares some advanced techniques for things like Facebook ads and Google Ads.

agency overdrive what you get

There’s currently a lifetime discount on the Agency Overdrive membership. I’m going to go through all of its features so you can decide whether it’s right for your business to invest in.

Work with Issac Rudansky

Since you’re considering an information product, you need to know who’s going to teach you. Well, Issac Rudansky made his name on Udemy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Udemy’s got maybe not the best reputation in terms of pumping out quality courses. It’s more of a quantity over quality thing here.

Issac Rudansky

However, Issac is a bit different. His PPC course for Google Ads has 28,000 ratings. I’m not talking about 28,000 students, but that number of people who have given it a rating and it’s averaging 4.7 stars.

I really like Issac’s training – I’ve taken his courses in the past and I like the way he teaches because it is not overhyped or salesy. He’s literally just teaching you how to get things done and how to do it in a professional manner, so that you can work with clients and provide services for them.

I truly believe that he created the Udemy courses to generate leads for his business. It’s a 25-hour class, and I think his idea was “I’m gonna show everyone exactly what I do, they’re gonna watch me do it and then they’re gonna go, holy crap I can’t do this and they’re gonna hire my company.”

adventure media

adventure media clients

So his advertising company is called AdVenture Media. They now work with huge clients but they also started very small. Whether you’re servicing mom-and-pop shops down the road, or you aspire to work with/you’re working with enterprise level companies, Issac really can relate in terms of those variables.

You can see names like Forbes and AMC. These are seven to nine-figure companies that his company is currently serving.

The “Lifetime Discount” Offered for a Limited Time

Let’s jump over to the deal page. Basically, Agency Overdrive is a membership site that is giving a lifetime discount.

Let’s be clear – it’s not a lifetime offer where you pay once and you get access forever. This is a lifetime discount, so you’ll pay this every single month until you don’t want access anymore and then you can cancel.

But the price won’t go up on you. It’s normally $49 per month. However it’s growing – he’s just starting it, so if you want to lock it and get at the ground level you can join for $11.02 per month.

(Update: As of October 2019, you can get this deal, for $29.70 a month, for life. It’s still something to chase for since the membership’s normal price is $99 a month.)

current discount

Take a Peek at Agency Overdrive’s Content

Let’s take a look inside of the agency program. At first, you can see the categories lined up as shown below:

 categories page

Billing and Invoicing Strategies

There is Issac’s Billing and Invoicing Strategies. Now, this is growing, but only two lectures are currently here. Don’t get it wrong, the stuff here is ridiculously valuable.

billing and invoicing strategies

One of them is the ROAS Bonus Model lecture. In here, there’s a 25-minute video teaching you about it. Then you get to download the actual billing templates that he uses with Adventure Media.

Basically, this is a way that Isacc has increased the revenue of his business. Upon watching, I was able to implement it in my business, where I immediately started to increase our fees.

ROAS, if you’re not familiar with it, means return on ad spend. (It is the revenue figure that a company has for every dollar it spends on advertising. For example, if your revenue this month is $80,000, while you spent $10,000 on ad campaigns, that means your ROAS is 8:1.)


So how this works is assuming you’re running paid traffic for a client, typically you’ll charge them a flat monthly fee continuously to run their campaigns and generate profits for them.

Now, the way Isaac explains this is, if you do a better job, you should probably be rewarded more. It also shows your client that you have skin in the game, while you have a reason to do better for them.

So in this lecture, Issac shows you exactly how you can structure a bonus model that makes sense to your clients and inspires you or your workers to do a better job. And that you get the best results for each campaign that you run.

So I think this is one of the most helpful lectures for me, personally, inside of the membership.

Formulas, Calculations and Analysis

There is a section on formulas and calculations.

formulas calculations and analysis

So here’s a really interesting one – how to analyze the financial impact of a free offer. You know you’ve all seen something like say, a free book. If you pay for a shipping or do other efforts, what does that actually do to your bottomline? There is a great experiment and way to explain how that works to your clients right here.

You’ll also find another template in this page. It’s a Google Doc link that you can modify and use for your own.

formulas calculations and analysis

Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

So there’s also conversion rate optimization.

The ‘A/B Test’ lesson walks you through how to set up and analyze the results of a Google optimized split test. You can see it being described as “the best thing you can do for your marketing campaigns”.

 advanced conversion rate optimization strategies

There’s also a section on performing heuristics analysis for landing pages. I found this to be an incredibly useful way to land new clients. I say getting new clients is great because if you get one new client, that pays for a lifetime of this course.

So by now, you can probably get the sense of why I strongly feel that it’s an insane value to lock in at $11 a month.

Advanced Google Ads Strategies

There is section for Google Ads strategies. Not a ton here, and you wouldn’t expect that for a 25-hour Udemy class that focuses on other priorities. However, there are some more advanced ideas here inside of the Google Ads section.

 advanced google ads strategies

Facebook Ads Training

There’s also some Facebook training. You can find some basic stuff like how to create lookalike audiences, install the Facebook pixel, and then set that up.

facebook ads training


There’s also a section on proposals. Here, you’ll find out how to create a proposal that it is very attractive to your client and they want to accept it.

Agency Overdrive Final Thoughts & Rating

So that’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Issac Rudansky’s Agency Overdrive membership.

Right now, there is about eight and a half hours’ worth of content. The membership site itself is only a few months old, so he’s adding new lectures each month. So far, all of the new stuff has been just as good as the original stuff that got me to sign up. So I am going to be staying a subscriber for the future, as far as I can see.

But that’s not to say this is the perfect agency membership. There are a few things I would like to see change.

For example, it would be nice to know when there will be new releases (if I was to be promised, say, two lectures per month), or if I can see a roadmap for upcoming topics. I think that’d be really helpful.

I also want to find maybe an ability to upvote or downvote certain topics so that members could express what is the most valuable content to come. We’re kind of investing in the growth of this membership site, so we should maybe have some input in terms of what is most useful to us as the students. That would be really great to see.

But overall, for 11 bucks and you’re doing this type of work for clients, I guarantee you, you’re going to get more than eleven dollars’ worth of value out of the agency membership. So definitely check it out.

Rating: I’m gonna give this one a solid respectable 8.2 out of 10 score.

If you’ll go ahead and sign up for the Agency Overdrive membership, make sure you click the link in the description that is gonna lock in your lifetime discount.

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More usefulness (and less hype) when it comes to digital marketing knowledge like advanced ads, proposals, billing, and others.
Content is constantly updated as weeks go.


Needs development when it comes to student interactions, like:
– more information when it comes to upcoming content releases.
– ability to upvote or downvote topics.


No. Meanwhile, pay for the year & get two months free.

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