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Clearout allows you to upload your email marketing list and it will validate that email address are legitimate and able to receive new emails.

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Clearout is a tool that helps you validate the deliverability of your email list before sending email marketing messages.

Video Timestamps:
0:47 AppSumo Deal Details
1:50 Interface Overview
3:13 Shootout with
5:03 Shootout Results
6:41 Interview with Daniel Reifenberger from Loyal Tribe

Contact Daniel to grow your ecommerce business with email: https;//

19:31 Lead Finder
21:44 Why BulkEmailChecker returned fewer valid emails
22:01 Final thoughts and overall rating.

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Fast verification process (approximately 15x faster than Bulk Email Checker), clean and simple UI, built in lead generation tool, lowest cost per email found anywhere I could see.


None that I can find. Honestly, this tool is that good. Some might like to complain that this is not a “true” lifetime deal, however I prefer to see this company have a long and prosperous future, so I think the limits are more than generous.


Yes, you’ll get 500K verifications (lifetime) with each code purchased. There is also a 10K email/day verification limit. As you purchase additional codes these figures multiply, e.g. 3 codes allows for 1.5 million verifications (lifetime) and 30K emails/day. After you purchase 10 codes, the daily verification limit is removed.

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