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Do you find yourself frequently needing to collect files from clients or applicants?

Then you’ll definitely want to see this Clust tutorial where I walk through how to use the entire platform.

I’ll weigh in with what I like and dislike about the UI and how I think the feature set holds up against the competition.

There is currently a lifetime deal running for Clust over at AppSumo, watch this video if you’re trying to decide if Clust is right for your business.

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UI is consistent on the backend.
Could be more handy for rental property owners trying to get new tenants.


Tends to have a niche functionality, so those not in the rental property business might not get excited.
Not really that useful for my current tasks (many ways to receive files or payments but none that will make me choose Clust as my ideal go-to tool).
Some site options took me a long time to find.


Stack an unlimited number of codes. $98 for double codes & $147 for multiple codes.

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