Create a prospecting chat bot designed to land you Facebook Ad Audits with companies looking to improve their adspend. Then you can create a reporting dashboard to use data to display how you can provide a superior ROI when you take over management of their account.

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FunnelDash is a suite of tools designed to help you start and run a Facebook Ads agency.

Video Timestamps:
1:06 AppSumo Deal Details
3:36 Interface Overview
4:34 Creating a Messenger Bot for Ads
8:28 Create an Audit/Reporting Dashboard
12:30 “Deals” Sales Pipelines
14:15 The FunnelDash Academy
15:32 Final thoughts and overall rating.

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All in one interface to create a chat bot for prospecting and dashboards for audits & client reports.


The tool is trying to do too much and doesn’t excel at anything. The reporting dashboard is the most compelling feature, but it has limitations which prevent it from being a useable long term solution for clients.

The information products that are included are designed to help you close high ticket clients and provide facebook ad management services, by the quality of the audio and the clarity in the presentation makes the courses hard to sit through.


Yes, the stacking details are very complex. The short version is that you can manage five clients for each code that you buy, however if you’d like to do prospecting via the tool, one of the slots will be occupied by your own page. You can stack 20 codes for unlimited clients.

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