Quickly create videos from blog posts or scripts that ready to be posted on Instagram or YouTube.

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InVideo is an online tool that helps you create marketing videos for you to post on YouTube of Instagram.

Do you need to create videos to promote your brand or your business but you don’t have the time to master Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier?

Well, InVideo hopes to take some of the burden off your shoulders by making it easy for you to upload a script and generate a video ready to be posted to social media.

Does it hold up to big professional tools? Watch the video to find out. I’ll utilize both of InVideos video creation modes to create a video based on a script and another video in a “meme” style with text on the top and bottom.

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Great way to create videos quickly from blog posts. You don’t need to be a skilled video person to add nice titles and transitions. The stock photo library is reasonably good quality. You can upload your own photos, videos, and music.


Lots of loading screens made me feel impatient. Lacks the power and control of a full video editor. The stock video library is pretty poor, but you can pay $120/year to unlock high quality stock videos. The music library is also underwhelming.


Yes. Each code allows you to create 30 videos per month with a maximum length of 3 minutes.

After you get to 5 codes, you unlock unlimited video creation and a length of up to 10 minutes. You are also able to add a total of 3 users at 5 codes.

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