Looking for a noise cancellation app just like DSP Soundware? Remove background noise during calls and audio recording. Check out what Krisp offers.

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Krisp Review & Tutorial – AppSumo Limited Time Offer 2019

Is background noise hurting your job? Then Krisp might be the noise cancellation app for you.

Krisp is currently up for grabs in AppSumo, where you have the chance to own it for life. The lifetime deal will cost you $39 at the minimum.

But maybe it’s worth the price for your career.  (Like really, those sales or employers’ calls might decide your fate. Or if you do recordings, like me.) This review will give you an inside look on what to expect with this app.

Krisp functions to:

  • Lower or remove background noises during calls, so that your client won’t overhear your officemates’ conversations.
  • Retain your speaking voice as detected by the app, so that business as usual. 
  • Integrate with your computer’s audio systems and apps to get Krisp’s desired results. 

Krisp LTD – Still Warm and Crisp in AppSumo

Krisp’s lifetime deal is available only for users who don’t have existing Krisp accounts. Just like AppSumo’s other lifetime offers, Krisp’s will expire in a few months. 

krisp plans & features

AppSumo Krisp plans

For all plans, three devices are allowed per user. Krisp requires the devices to have at least Windows 10 (64bit) and Mac OS (10.12+). Also, this package doesn’t include a mobile app. Stacking is allowed upon getting your desired packages.

The differences between the current plans:

  • $39 plan –  only one user for the account.
  • $78 plan – two users for the account.
  • $390 plan – ten users for the account.

To sum up, as long as you don’t have a current Krisp account, you don’t really need a mobile app, and you have the mentioned OS, you’re good to go with this deal.

Pop the Krisp Box

Krisp is really just a simple app. An icon will be visible on the computer screen’s taskbar or dock. If you click that, the pop up box will appear.

Then, you can select the settings for your speaker and microphone for compatibility. Krisp deploys artificial intelligence for the audio systems to run properly.

In an ongoing call, you’d only need to manipulate the toggle switches. You can turn them either on or off for the noise cancellation

Software Test Courtesy of My Kids

My kids put Krisp to a stringent test. As you’d see in my video, my daughter played on my lap and my boys screamed in the other room. (Great job guys!)

The equipment I was using was about good enough. (I had a mic that costs about $350 and a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface that costs about $150.) 

From that test, we could see that Krisp did minimize, if not remove the noises my kids were making. 

But then again, Krisp also affected the quality of my voice, while I was saying the Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics into the mic. My voice got slightly muffled while turning the noise cancellation on. Still, my voice was fairly comprehensible and clear. 

Krisp software test kids

Krisp Final Thoughts & Rating

I like that I don’t have to set up anything complex with Krisp. If I need something to cancel the background noise while working, Krisp does the job well.  I just need one to two buttons to control Krisp while using it.

But Krisp also has its drawbacks. One is that it produces a muffled voice in many instances, while the noise cancellation is on. To me, this is forgivable, as often, it just sounds like a normal audio flaw that a listener won’t notice. 

Another is that you might find the package limited for aspects such as their minimum OS requirements, or not getting a mobile app. 

Rating: I’d say this deserves an 8.9

Overall, I’m impressed on how Krisp was able to remove so much noise. The quality degradation of my voice is pretty slight to me or for the tasks that I need to do.

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Interface is simple and easy-to-use.


A bit of quality degradation in your voice when you turn on the noise cancellation toggle switch.


Yes. $78 for double codes & $117 for multiple codes.

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