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LoginPress Review & Tutorial – AppSumo Limited Time Offer 2019

Not sure what LoginPress is and what it can do for you? Well, it claims to create awesome WordPress login pages. But is LoginPress worth it? If you’re looking for a good LoginPress review to give you answers, then we’ve got just the goodies in a basket. 

LoginPress is currently available for a lifetime deal at AppSumo in two offered plans: $39 and $78 bundles. You heard that right, you can own LoginPress for life. So if that is what also led you here, then let’s get on with the tour!

LoginPress can:

  • Create a reliable login form for a WordPress site. By that, we mean the login box that appears and asks for information like login email or username and password, before granting access to a website. With LoginPress, you’re supposed to do away with clunky login pages.

  • Customize the login portal according to one’s preferences in styling and other settings. That means not having to settle with typical WordPress login templates.

  • Assign access settings for target users (such as customers and web developers) for security. 

WordPress Login Form LoginPress

Just like other plugins, LoginPress needs to be installed on your WordPress site first before it gets running. There IS a free version of LoginPress, but then again, we’ll get into the deets below about the features included in the free and paid versions. 

Let’s check the functionalities of an installed LoginPress.

AppSumo’s Exclusive LoginPress Lifetime Deal

AppSumo currently has two price offers for the LoginPress LTD, which might be gone soon.

LoginPress Plans and Features

loginpress plans

Both the plans include:

  • Advanced LoginPress customization features (as shown above).

  • Access to current and future updates, premium addons and features. 

The difference between the two plans:

  • $39 plan – can install LoginPress in up to 5 sites. Ideal for companies that have about this number of sites.

  • $78 plan – can use LoginPress for an unlimited number of sites. Ideal for web developers who want to install LoginPress in many websites.

As for stacking? You’re also allowed to stack up to two codes to get LoginPress Pro (or paid version) for unlimited sites, for life. 

Set Your Security Preferences for Your Login Forms

Before you get rollin’ creating login forms away, you need to set LoginPress’ general settings first. This is so can you set controls when it comes to your login forms’ styles and security.

Many of the LoginPress customizers can be found on its Settings tab. To do that, you just need to click the LoginPress section of your WordPress Dashboard and find the Settings tab. 

Here, you can find options to limit the users and login attempts, as well as other measures to prevent security attacks.

Some functionalities you can find in the Settings tab are:

  • Force Login – restricts access to your website or its certain areas unless a user can log in. Situations where it comes handy include when one wants to show an unfinished website to certain people or when a website is supposed to be for members only.

  • Enable reCAPTCHA – activates reCAPTCHA, which some site owners want to use. This especially true for someone with a website that contains vulnerable data. For options, reCAPTCHA can be present in any of the Login Form, Lost Password Form, and Register Form.

  • Session Expire – adds a session expiration duration (in terms of minutes) to limit the time a user should enter a login password.

  • Custom Password Fields – lets users set a password in the signing up process. In turn, password verification through email won’t be required. Actually, this feature is more of a convenience factor than a security one. 

  • Login Order – specifies the required information to include in the login form. One can choose from these options: both username and email ad; only username; and only email ad.

  • Lost Password URL – is for Woocommerce users. It overrides the default settings by using the WordPress default lost password URL, instead of WooCommerce’s custom lost password URL.

  • Reset Default Settings – used to reset a login page to its default LoginPress settings and remove the custom settings you may have done. This is helpful when you’ve messed up creating a page and want to return to default settings.

  • Remove Settings on Uninstall – in case you decide to uninstall LoginPress, the option lets you remove all its settings or database changes. This is to later prevent site errors, which commonly happen upon uninstalling plugins.

Create Handsome WordPress Custom Login Pages

Now that you’re done tinkering the general settings, it’s time to create a login page and style it up.

LoginPress includes a well-built WordPress Customizer. You can also find it in LoginPress’ “Settings” page just like the commands listed above. When you click the link named “WordPress Customizer” there…

LoginPress Settings WordPress Customizer

…voila!  you will arrive on another interface dedicated for the customizer.

LoginPress WordPress Customizer

The following are the notable features here:

  • Themes – showcases at least 20 themes one can use for a login form. You may start with them to guide you in creating the appropriate forms for your purpose. Examples are fitness, persona, and shopping themes. 

  • Fonts – allows Google fonts to be used in customizing the login page. This means more options for free fonts.

  • Logo – enables or disables a company logo, as well as customizes logo settings like size, spacing, and more.

  • Background – has both image and video as options for a background. For a video background, you have the option to turn off its sound.

  • Customize Login Form – adjusts the login form’s appearance, such as transparency against the background, size, shadow, text settings, and more.

  • Customize Forget Form – edits the section for “lost password”, including changing the background color and the image.

  • reCAPTCHA – sets the reCAPTCHA’s appearance in the login page, particularly the error message to pop up and the size of the reCAPTCHA. (Note that the process of linking Google and LoginPress to install the reCAPTCHA is an entirely different process. You can go back to the main WordPress dashboard for that.)

  • Button Beauty – finetunes the color, hover color, border, text, size, and other settings of a login button.

  • Error Messages – edits error messages that respond to mistakes on inputting login information, including the username, password, and more.

  • Welcome Messages – personalizes the messages that appear on preferred fields, including the registration, logout, and forgot password items.

  • Form Footer – formats the footer, including the lost password text, text settings, Back to Site text; and the copyright section.

  • Custom CSS – lets one incorporate CSS or JavaScript codes in the login page.

Use Premium Features with LoginPress Pro

Most features mentioned in the previous sections are available in LoginPress’ free version. But with the LoginPress Pro version, you get extended functions. 

You will find Login Pro’s features in the Add-Ons section under LoginPress of your WordPress dashboard. 

LoginPress Addons

The Add-Ons section currently has the following:

  •  Login Logout Menu – is available even with LoginPress’ free version (but let’s mention it as it is included in the Add-Ons).  It lets you add login, logout, register, and profile menu fields in a target site’s menu.

  • Login Redirects – lets the site admin redirect a user to a certain url after performing an activity like logging in or out. Login redirects can also be assigned to specific types of website users. This can be helpful for marketing and other objectives.

  • Social Login – allows site users to login from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

  • Login Widget – lets one use a drag-and-drop Login Form widget. The widget can then be customized in terms of text, color, avatar size, links to other pages, and more. However, this widget has no built-in styling option, so you would need to use CSS for full customization.

  • Limit Login Attempts – for added security measure, it limits the number of attempts allowed in entering a password. It also includes Minutes Lockout to set the number of minutes a user gets locked out from the website before being allowed to try logging in again.

  • Auto Login – with this, the site admin can send an Autologin URL to another person, instead of giving a username and password. The receiver can then automatically login upon using the url. It also gives the option to delete the Auto Login item later when not needed anymore.

  • Hide Login – helps rename the default login slug (e.g., the “wp-login” of “sitename.com/wp-login.php”) to be replaced with a customized one. 

LoginPress Final Thoughts & Rating

LoginPress is a fun and useful plugin when it comes to creating login pages. 

It doesn’t claim to be the best plugin for security. Other security plugins might already cover the security-related features LoginPress has. As for the styling options, you might already have something like the Elementor Pro to make beautiful login pages. 

Still, possessing the LoginPress codes is pretty convenient, as the plugin is dedicated to fill in WordPress’ shortcomings when it comes to creating login pages. Also, I like supporting this developer because they seem to have some passion for WordPress.

Rating: We give LoginPress a solid 9*

The asterisk signifies our disclaimer – if you think you can’t afford their offered prices, where you’ll go to debt or sacrifice your lifestyle, then just let the paid version go. If the prices of the lifetime deal currently available in AppSumo are okay, then we say LoginPress is worth acquiring!

You’ll get a reliable and sturdy plugin that gives you great flexibility when it comes to generating WordPress login forms.

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Not the one-stop solution, security-wise.
Might be pricey for some people.


Yes – stack up to 2 codes to get LoginPress Pro for unlimited sites

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