A complete social media marketing toolbox, including content strategy, content creation, post scheduling, and analytics (currently in beta)

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Publbox is a social media management toolbox that promises to give you everything you need to properly market via social media.

From content strategy to content creation, Publbox does a worthy job of living up to those claims, however, the lack of analytics features makes me uncertain that PublBox is really the “one stop” solution it’s promising to be.

UPDATE: PublBox now includes access to analytics (upon the features release, it is currently in beta. This review has not be adjusted to take the new features into account. 

PublBox also allows you to schedule content to be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram, although Instagram posting is not native… you must use their iOS app to manually complete the post.

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Great UI. Very clean and fast UI.


Content scheduling and creation tools could be more feature rich. Analytics is not available yet.


Yes, up three codes (2 Users, 30 Social Profiles, & 6,000 Posts per month).

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