Quriobot is a beautiful and easy to use chatbot tool that links to Facebook Messenger, embeds on your website, or is viewable from a dedicated landing page.

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Confused about which chatbot builder you should use? This video will walk you through the basics of using Quriobot, embedding a bot on your website, and even connecting it up to Facebook Messenger.

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Beautiful looking bot, easy to build sequences, a decent number of usable templates included.


Limited integrations at this time.


Yes, you can stack unlimited codes.

Here is how stacking works:

  • Each code provides unlimited bots & can be used on unlimited websites
  • The number of chats is your only true limitation, each code allows for 10K chats/month
  • If you stack 5 codes you get unlimited chats
  • Each code after 5 will allow you to add an additional client inside of their own organization. This will allow clients to log in and see only their chatbot, not all of the chatbots in your account.
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