RocketBots connects all of your chat platforms into a single interface, so you can interact with your contacts regardless of whether you remembered to log into Facebook messenger or not.

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Rocketbots is a tool that consolidates your chat platforms into a single interface. The idea is that you shouldn’t need to log into Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and your website to reply to customers.

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Table Of Contents:
0:50 AppSumo Deal Details
1:58 Chat Widget on website.
2:11 Dashboard
3:35 Contacts
6:47 Chat Performance / Initial Impressions
7:45 Smart Replies
8:52 Surveys
10:37 Automation Rules
11:40 Sending Files to Contacts
12:32 Creating a space for multiple clients/brands
12:58 Settings
13:27 Conclusion and final rating

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The smart replies feature is very innovative. It allows you to automatically reply to your most commonly asked questions.


In a limited test, most users reported bugs in the chat interface.


Yes, unlimited stacking. Add 5000 contacts with each code.

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