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SocialBee Review & Tutorial – AppSumo Limited Time Offer 2019

Did you miss SocialBee the last time it was on AppSumo? It’s back with a new lifetime offer, and in this review we’ll show you how the tool stacks up so you can decide if it’s right for your business.

This is SocialBee’s third time on the AppSumo platform. It sold out almost instantly in its last appearance on BlackFriday 2018. In typical AppSumo fashion, we don’t know how long this deal will last, so in an effort to help you make an informed decision, we’ve published this review.

SocialBee is a full featured social media management platform that allows you to:

  • Schedule social posts in advance and get back to doing what you love. Create evergreen campaigns of reusable content, so you don’t need to spend hours every week coming up with new inspirational quotes.
  • Connect up social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google My Business, so you can reach your customers no matter what platform they prefer.
  • Run analytics on your posts, so you can see which platform is getting the best engagement and you can decide where to best invest your marketing efforts.

AppSumo’s Limited Time SocialBee Offer

Appsumo is currently offering lifetime access to SocialBee’s Accelerate Plan for $49 (typically $39 per month).

plans & features

The plan includes:

  • The ability to connect up to 10 social media profiles. Supported platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google My Business. SocialBee is one of the few lifetime offers for social media management that includes GMB posting.
  • Create up 50 content categories that can include up to 5,000 posts each. Posts can be set to be one time posts or evergreen posts that are reusable.
  • Connect up to 50 RSS feeds so that you can automatically pull content from your blog or other news sources.

It’s notable that no stacking is available for this deal, but there is an upsell available after you create an account with SocialBee. The upsell allows you to upgrade to their Pro 25, Pro 50, or Pro 150 plan.

Get Started By Configuring Your Workspace

Name Your Workspace

The first thing to do is set up your workspace. With the SocialBee lifetime deal package, you’re allowed one “workspace”.

Each workspace accommodates about one social media campaign or project. It lets you synchronize the settings of the social media profiles and content for that project.

workspace settings

To edit a workspace, you can go to the Settings page and find the Workspace Settings tab. Here, you can edit primary settings like the workspace name. You can name your workspace after, say, your website or your client’s.

But if you’d like more workspaces, there is an upgrade version of this lifetime deal (as discussed later).

Connect A Link Shortener

A great thing about SocialBee is that it has a good set of options when it comes to using url shorteners. You can choose from Rebrandly, Bitly, PixelMe, and SocialBee’s default url shorteners. It depends on your preference. But remember that a consistent short url format for a brand is always desirable.

Connect Social Profiles

And now, the main course. Social platforms currently available in SocialBee for integrations are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

connected social profiles

Linking these platforms lets you realize tasks like scheduling posts, direct posting, and running analytics.

To start connecting SocialBee to your social accounts, you can go to the Workplace Profiles tab (still under the Settings page). In integrating these social platforms, you just need to follow the steps in connecting them.

One interesting feature is that of Facebook. In SocialBee, you have the option to integrate your Facebook groups, something not available in most social media scheduling apps. You will be able to view the list of groups that you’re a member of. You can also post to these Facebook groups from SocialBee. (Although if you do so, be cautious so as to not get spammy.)

connect more profiles

Directly Post To Instagram Via a Third Party

Instagram is vital nowadays in social media marketing. Now there’s a catch when integrating SocialBee with Instagram. It needs to be done via Buffer or Hootsuite. We also recommend that you set up an Instagram business account for this. 

Note that SocialBee doesn’t have a dedicated app (currently in the works) for Instagram posting. So you will need to use the Buffer app for that. You won’t need the Buffer app (just a Buffer account) if you only need to do direct scheduling using an Instagram business profile, as shown in the chart below.

how buffer for instagram works

If you’re using Buffer’s free version, you can still go through the whole process of connecting SocialBee to Instagram. The limitation to look out for when using free Buffer is that you’re only allowed two social profiles. (That means after connecting to Instagram via Buffer, you have the option to set one more social account in Buffer, but not more. For example, you can manage your Twitter via Buffer. But then again, at this point, putting your Twitter in Buffer won’t be necessary with SocialBee around.) 

Buffer happens to be a very established social media tool. But, a downside is that Buffer has not really offered any lifetime deal as of yet.

In linking SocialBee to Instagram via Buffer, first, you need to create a Buffer account. Inside Buffer, set up your Instagram account. More settings like scheduling the Instagram posts will be done within Buffer.

After that, you will then be ready to go back and click the Instagram section of SocialBee’s Workplace Profiles page. Here, you’ll input the login information that you have for Buffer (or Hootsuite, if that is what you’re using).

That is about what you need to know when it comes to connecting Instagram via a third party (especially Buffer) in SocialBee.

The Upsell – Upgrade The Number Of Connected Accounts

There is another upgrade available for those who need more features than those readily offered in the SocialBee LTD of AppSumo.

If you check out the License tab (under SocialBee’s User Settings), you will see the offers they have for a $49 upgrade and with a lifetime deal.

lifetime plans

The plan lets you:

  • Integrate up to 25 social accounts, instead of the ten offered in the initial LTD plan, to be able to handle more social profiles in designated websites. 
  • Create up to 5 workspaces to have the chance to implement more social media systems.
  • Have unlimited content categories, so you can group your content posts without limits. (Examples you can create are “quotes”, “curated”, etc.)
  • Have unlimited content sources, so you can integrate more websites and share their content regularly through RSS feeds, using SocialBee. 

Create Your Social Media Posting Schedules

One definite plus about SocialBee is the ease and speed of its scheduling interface, especially when compared to other social tools like PublBox.  Connecting to Instagram upon setting up the account might be a bit tricky, but then you might find that direct posting to Instagram becomes easier, now that we’re using our scheduling tool.

You can access the scheduling settings of your posts by either going to SocialBee’s Posting section or starting from the Dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to find the Schedule Overview tab, where you can view your schedule of posts in a calendar form. If you click on one of the scheduling boxes, you will be able to customize the settings of a post, like the social profiles to include, time, and day.

You can also find the Schedule Setup tab, where you can view your schedule stats (statistics related to the quantity of your posts) here.

schedule overview

schedule overview

schedule setup

Use Content Categories For Evergreen & One Time Posting

Coming up with content categories that work for you can be very valuable in organizing your content. 

These “categories” make even more sense when you sort out your scheduling board. You will have an overview of your sequence of content categories. You can also check their frequency so far in the statistics section (Schedule Setup tab).

SocialBee’s default settings include the Evergreen and Share Once content categories. These content categories are supposed to help the user decide which content posts can be for longer or for shorter period of sharing.  

share once evergreen

An evergreen content contains information that is still valid or true even after many months or years. One can rehash this as social media posts for a number of times if preferred. The content labeled as Share Once, meanwhile, are posts that are meant only to be shared once or a few times. These are seasonal posts whose content might not be reliable anymore after a few days.

Of course, resharing content should be within the social media manager’s sensibilities so as not to drive away the audience, instead of engaging it.

A user can create more content categories as needed (e.g. quotes, blog posts, etc.). These will automatically show up in the Categories section. It is also possible to upload your content from this page by clicking one of the folders and adding your content.

Generate Social Media Posts From Your Blog Or Other RSS Feeds

Want to regularly share content from your blog site or a website that you like? Social posting of your favorite online content is possible by adding your target website as an RSS feed in SocialBee. 

To do that, you need to connect SocialBee’s RSS feed settings to your target website. Upon doing so, SocialBee will be able to receive the information every time a new content is published on that website.

To start, you need to go to the RSS tab of the site’s Content section. Then you can click the “Add RSS” button.

add rss

A pop-up box should appear, where you can enter the necessary settings. One notable setting that is useful is checking the“Add Posts as Approved box”, so as to retain the featured image of a content post from the target site.  (In my first SocialBee review video, I wasn’t able to do this. That is why I corrected it in my SocialBee – update video. So try to watch both these videos.)

define your rss

After that, an RSS feed will likely generate pre-made social posts when it reaches SocialBee, including image and description. Still, you have the option to edit each social post entry further. You can go to the Categories section, where you can spot a folder called “Our Blog Posts”.

Inside this folder, you will see the list of social posts from that RSS feed.

 our blog posts

SocialBee’s Workflow For Social Media Management

SocialBee highlights both speed and ease of use for its interface. A regular social management routine requires fairly few steps. You might be able to figure out your own procedures as you use SocialBee more. Still, for guidance, here is a general workflow you can start with:

  1. After logging in, hit the plus button (at the left side of the interface).
  2. A pop-up box then appears, where you can start to add your content. Here, you can set the post’s Category, as well as time-related settings.

socialbee workflow

Analyze Your Results & Focus Your Social Efforts

SocialBee provides an analytics platform that summarizes your social posts’ performance. Each social media profile will have its own data overview in the Analytics section.

You can also check the Post History tab, where you’ll be able to see the findings of metrics such as audience engagement.


Get To Know Your Followers

The site also has the Audience section. The information here is only applicable to the Twitter platform. This section perhaps needs more development to increase its usability. Most features here are already on Twitter itself.  

Here, you can analyze the similarities between your audience. You can also view your competitors’ audience, do keyword searches, and upload followers to see their data inside SocialBee.You can also whitelist or blacklist users.

SocialBee Final Thoughts & Rating

SocialBee is pretty interesting. If you want an organized, speedy, and efficient tool to execute your social media tasks, then this one won’t disappoint.

Yet, there is a con that you might want to think about. You can’t directly integrate SocialBee with Instagram or Pinterest. You need a third party, so setting them all up can feel more complicated than necessary. Also, relying on a third party (either Buffer or Hootsuite) can be a bit risky, as such APIs are not entirely within SocialBee’s control. Still, there are bound to be remedies users can find in the worst case that a third party won’t allow these integrations in SocialBee in the future. But hopefully that won’t happen.

(Again, note that automatically retaining featured images from an RSS feed, even with WordPress’ Custom Post Types, is possible in SocialBee. So that is not something to worry about. I corrected what I said on my first review video in my second video.)

Rating: We’ll give this a good 8.2

The benefits outweigh the costs in using this platform. SocialBee offers ease and efficiency as a social tool that you might be glad to use in your day-to-day tasks. You can acquire the perks of this tool for life with the offered LTD, if the drawbacks really don’t bother you.


We’ve posted a Part 2 of our SocialBee review video to correct some details of our previous video and also give you new information.

Here are the video’s main points:

Stacking – While officially, there’s supposed to be “no stacking” with SocialBee’s offers, it might only imply passing Appsumo’s standards and policies. Stacking can somehow still happen. For example,  if you buy two codes from AppSumo and you upgrade them both to their Pro 25 plan, you’ll be able to merge those accounts together to make a Pro 50 plan. 

Missinglettr – If you want to check the differences between SocialBee and missinglettr’s interfaces, check our updated video as well. missinglettr focuses more on creating social media campaigns out of blog posts. That means SocialBee’s coverage as a social tool tends to be wider than missinglettr’s. 

Setting Up the RSS Feed Properly – In the last video, I unsuccessfully retrieved the featured images and descriptions of social posts that I wanted to automatically appear when I receive RSS Feeds. It wasn’t because I had of my use of a custom post type inside of WordPress as I speculated. It was actually because I was testing different Schema plugins and failed to turn Open Graph (OG) data back on. SocialBee relies on OG data to pull in images. 

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