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Sour Grapes uses artificial intelligence to analyze comments made on your facebook business page and automatically hide negative comments. You can also tell Sour Grapes to only filter comments on your ads.

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Sour Grapes is a tool that filters out comments on your Facebook Business page that have a negative sentiment.

Video Timestamps:
0:42 AppSumo Deal
1:10 Connecting Multiple Brands
1:47 A Word On FIltering
2:37 Viewing hidden comments
3:32 How Filtering Works
5:25 Analyze Ads Only
5:42 How Facebook “Hide Comments” Works
6:05 Facebook’s Own Built-In Moderation Tools
6:50 Final Thoughts & Rating


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Works as advertised. In my testing, Sour Grapes correctly identified negative comments and hid them.


?Huge red flag. The terms of the deal changed after the recording of my video review. Originally the deal included “500 comments hidden/month” and it now says “500 comments analyzed/month”. Because of this change, I no longer can stand by the score given in my video review.


Yes, $49 includes monitoring of 500 comments/month. Stack an additional code to monitor 1500 comments/month.

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