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Tubics is a YouTube SEO tool that serves to increase your YouTube reach by helping you optimize your channel and video metadata. You can also keep an eye on important keywords and see how your videos perform over time.

Get Early Access to deals like Tubics by subscribing to AppSumo Plus, for $99 a year, you’ll also get 10% off all your AppSumo purchases, so if you’re like me, you’ll be saving money in no time. Join AppSumo Plus here: http://living.thatltd.life/plus

So, AppSumo is currently offering Tubics for a one time payment of $39. You can also stack the deal to increase your limits. Is it worth it? Check out the video review above for a deep look inside the platform, but for me it’s a solid yes, with the understanding that it’s early for the tool and it could definitely use some polish… but for just $39, it’s a solid investment in your YouTube career.

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Effective suggestions to optimize your YouTube channel if you’re new to YouTube SEO.


No chrome extension, so you have to visit their platform directly. No way to directly make changes to your channel based on “Chanel Audit” suggestions.


Yes, stack two codes to access “agency” level, which includes 5 YouTube Channels and unlimited video optimization.

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